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Understanding Your Bill

Sample Bill (click on image for larger)

1. Service Summary: This box shows any outstanding balance due and current charges for the billing period. 

2. Message Board: This is a place for Clarke Electric Cooperative to relay important information to you about your account.

3. Meter Readings: This shows the number recorded on your meter(s) at the time they were read. Your kilowatt usage, what you are billed for, is the difference between these numbers. 

4. Rate Number and Description: Describes the type(s) of service you receive from the cooperative. 


5. kWh Usage: This bar graph shows your electrical use by month for the last year, as well as compares your usage from a year ago with your current usage. If you have a heat meter, there will be bars shown for the months the heat meter is in use.
6. Current service charges summarizes the services you received and are being billed for:

Monthly Service Charge: This is a cooperative members’ equal share of fixed costs so power can be available at your location. These fixed costs include poles, wires, transformers, and substations. It also supports fleet, facility and member service functions, such as line maintenance, substation upgrades, property taxes, right-of-way clearing, and general administrative responsibilities. 

Energy (kWh Charges): The amount of electricity you use each month is measured in kilowatt-hours. The kWh energy charge is designed to recover variable costs, including the cost of power from our power provider, environmental and conservation efforts, capacity requirements, and more.

Heat Usage: For all electric homes, a special heat rate is used for heating your home. The special rate is in effect October 1 thru May 31. 

Power Cost Adjustment: This is an adjustment on your current electric bill that can go up or down dependent upon the true cost of wholesale power purchased from our energy supplier.   

7. The detachable portion of your bill which indicates the total amount due. If you are signed up for automatic withdrawal, it will be indicated here and you will not need to return this portion with payment. 

8. Clarke Electric’s automated pay by phone system: Call 844-241-0266 to pay your bill by phone. We are no longer allowed to take your payment over the phone. 

9. QR Code: This function allows you to use your smart phone camera to open a browser to Clarke Electric’s mobile website. You can click on the “pay bill” icon and you will be directed to the Smart Hub feature to pay your bill online.

10. This bar code is used by the post office for sorting by area.  


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