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Distributed Generation

Member-owners who have an interest in investing in solar energy for their home or small business have a new resource to aid in making an informed decision. The Iowa Energy Center has published the Home Series: Solar PV Energy Guide in collaboration with the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, Alliant Energy, the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities, and MidAmerican Energy with information from the Office of Consumer Advocate and the Iowa Utilities Board.

The guide is organized into the following important sections – Getting Started (Doing Your Homework), Conducting a Site AssessmentDesigning the Solar PV ArrayCalculating the System ROI, and Constructing the Solar PV. In addition, a helpful glossary is included in the publication. Whether you are exploring a turnkey system, a do-it-yourself approach, or a combination of both, the information is presented in a series of steps and important considerations in order to arrive at the best decision for your situation.

When making a decision about a solar energy system, member-owners are reminded that you also should consider including your trusted advisors, such as accountants, attorneys, and tax professionals, in your research to provide additional expertise in the decision-making process. The Home Series: Solar PV Energy Guide can be used in tandem with other checklists and resources, such as the Iowa Utilities Board’s Information Guide for On-Site Generation. The publication is available online at For more information, contact us at 800-362-2154 or

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Solar PV Energy Guide
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