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Outage Reporting & Information

Video link below demonstrates the process of restoring power after an outage.


 How power is restored after an outage 


Before reporting there is no power at your home:

1.  Check fuses and circuit breakers inside the house and outside at the pole. If you see a red light at the meter, the cooperative is providing you with power. If the light is not glowing, you will need to report the outage.

2.  If power does not come back on after blown fuses are changed, or the breakers seem to be otherwise functional, move to step 3. Remember, in situations where only part of your property has power, the outage is usually caused by a blown fuse or tripped breaker. In either case, repair is your responsibility.

3.  Check with your neighbors to see if they have power. This helps both you and the cooperative determine the extent of an outage. If you know your neighbors are without power, report both your location and your neighbors' location to minimize the volume of reports to the Cooperative office during a major storm.

4.  Call Clarke Electric at (641) 342-2173 or toll free at (800) 362-2154. Please have your location/account number available to help us correctly identify the physical location of the outage. If you call after hours, you will be connected to our call dispatch center. Our call center is trained to efficiently and safely respond to outage calls. They will require the same information as our local cooperative. As soon as the outage call is received, lineman are dispatched to investigate the cause and to quickly restore power.


The video link above explains how Clarke Electric restores power to their members in the event of a power outage.  


Storm Related Outage Information

1.  In the event of a major storm Clarke Electric will continue to answer the phone internally.Remember, we only have so many lines and so many hands to answer the calls. You will be given a chance to record a message that will be sent to us via email if all lines are busy. Rest assured all of the staff of Clarke Electric is working extended hours to manage the reports and restore power as quickly as possible.

2.  We work with The Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives (IAEC) to communicate outage information to our members on a timely basis. Outage information is available when any Iowa REC experiences a widespread power outage affecting a large number of Iowans. Clarke Electric enters information on the IAEC web site which is updated every 10 minutes. When only a few cooperative members are without power, the web site may not necessarily reflect that information.

If you cannot reach our office by phone, please have a neighbor, friend or relative contact us.

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