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High Usage Questions

Some months throughout the year may have you asking, why is my usage higher than normal? There are many reasons that may cause a jump in your usage, but if you think your bill might be incorrect, here are some steps to help you investigate:

1. Check your meter reading. 
Clarke Electric Cooperative uses automated meter reading technology that helps prevent human error in calculating bills. Check the reading on your own meter and compare with the reading on your statement. If the reading on your meter is higher than the one on your bill, it is likely that your bill is accurate.

2. Think back to the month in question.
By the time you receive the bill, a few weeks have passed since you used the electricity. For example, a bill due on Aug. 31 is for electricity used during the month of July. Were temperatures extremely hot or cold? Did you have visitors in your home or was there more activity around the home than normal as in during summer vacation?

3. Call the cooperative. 
If you still have questions about your usage, please contact us. We have many resources available to help determine why your usage was higher than normal, like providing assessments or audits on your property.

4. Consider budget billing. 
A budget payment plan helps member-owners on a fixed budget and those who prefer to pay the same amount each month. We will review your account for the last 12 months, calculate the average billing amount over that time period, then bill the average amount every month. To remain on the budget billing plan, your account must be completely current and payments made in full and on time each month. If you are interested in our budget billing option, call our billing department at (800) 362-2154.


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